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Behavior Modificationa positive reinforcement behavior system.
Our goal is to help students grow awareness of their old behaviors and to shape new more successful school habits and behaviors, by rewarding approximations of a skill, until they are developed. We want to support students in observing themselves and learning how they can change their behaviors.
POSITIVE ATTENTION is provided on a continuum through praise, encouragement, support, and teaching which helps extinguish the need for negative attention seeking behaviors.

    Designed to provide regular positive feedback to students about their behavior in the form of points. Students are charted hourly in 5 behavioral areas throughout the school day. The level systems are designed to work with each student’s individual behavior support plan. There are five charted behavioral areas consisting of three common target behaviors and two individual behavior goals (i.e., IEP goals).

Love and Logic approach:
parenting based on caring and respectful relationships.

                    TARGET BEHAVIOR GOALS

       1) Social Contact 
            - being polite and respectful
            - using appropriate language toward peers and staff 
            - appropriate behavior in public outings

        2) Compliance 
            - doing what they are prompted to do in a timely 
                manner without arguing

       3) Staying on task
            - completing assignments and activities in an 
                    appropriate and timely manner
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