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Behavior Modification
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Through use of evidence based research and data driven behavior analysis, each student's plan is a program for success.

Positive attention is provided on a continuum through praise, encouragement, support, teaching etc. which helps extinguish the need for negative attention seeking behaviors. 

Our Level System

Placer Learning Center’s level system is designed to provide regular positive feedback to students about their behavior in the form of points. The students are charted hourly, in 5 behavioral areas throughout the school day. They are awarded 1 or 2 points in each area for their successful participation. Students who are not participating successfully, or are out of the classroom without a legitimate reason, miss the opportunity to earn points and may receive a zero for an area or that whole period of time on their point sheet. Placer Learning Center Classroom level systems and student’s individual goals are designed to work with each student’s Individual Behavior Support Plan. 

The 5 charted behavioral areas consist of 3 common target behaviors and 2 individual behavior goals. The 3 target goal areas common to all Placer Learning Center students are:

•Social Contact (being polite and respectful, using appropriate language etc. toward peers and staff, and appropriate behavior on public outings) 

•Compliance (doing what they are prompted to do in a timely manner without arguing)

•On Task (completing assignments and activities in the appropriate manner, and during the time that they are given)

In addition to these 3 areas, students have 2 individual goal areas that relate to their IEP or a general goal. These are more specific behaviors or skills we wish to build on, or fine tune.

The levels are: Triangle 41-60, Circle 31-40 and Square 30 and below. Students earning higher levels are awarded special privileges each day, such as getting lunch first, getting to play a selected game or time with staff. 

Our goal is to help students grow awareness of their old behaviors and to shape new more successful school habits and behaviors, by rewarding approximations of a skill, until they are developed. We want to support students in observing themselves and learning how they can change their behaviors. 

The children’s behaviors are shaped by a team approach that is successful through consistency and clear instruction.  
We utilize combined strategies and techniques to promote positive behavior intervention including the Love and Logic approach. 
A positive reinforcement Behavior Modification System is a vital component of every classroom
 ​Energy is focused on the positives and successes demonstrated by each student.