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Placer Learning Center
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Placer Learning Center High School Classroom
        In the High School classroom at Placer Learning Center we focus on academics as well as appropriate classroom behavior.  By using resources to encourage independent learning and enabling our students to make connections between the lessons and the world around them we can better prepare them to return to a comprehensive district program. The main goal in our school is to prepare students for the transition back into a public school classroom and by focusing on these principles we help the students to help themselves.                                                                     
      For our students to be successful in the classroom, it is imperative that they become conscious of how their behavior effects their education. Once this concept is understood, our staff works with each individual to help replace inappropriate behaviors with more acceptable behaviors thus allowing students to channel that energy into their school work.                                                                                                                           
      By utilizing an individual learning plan, we can tailor the lessons to maximize the educational benefit for each student as well as apply them to real life situations outside the classroom.  Once our students begin to see that the concepts we teach can apply to their daily lives, it increases their desire to build upon these foundations and explore new ones. By focusing positive energy and reinforcement on our students, we are able to help each one find their own way to be successful.