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Placer Learning Center
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Placer Learning Center Life Skills Classroom
The Life Skills classroom is a productive environment designed to assist students with a variety of special needs. The primary  focus is on developing life skills through teaching functional academics and daily living skills with a strong concentration on social skills.  

 The class participates in all aspects of school life, including recess and PE, as well as outings into the community.  Older students are able to participate in our Career Explorations program where they can "explore" possible careers that seem interesting to them.               

With over 20 combined years of experience, our staff is well trained and can quickly think outside the box to assess and address each students needs. The behavior program is data driven, evidence based applied behavior analysis with a high staff to student ratio.  Students are always closely supervised and the setting is very structured.                                                                                                              
Currently the class spans a wide range of ages and learning levels that participate in small groups to meet the needs of each individual student.  There are several students who act as mentors to the younger students who help model appropriate behavior,  act as peer tutors  as well as play with and encourage them creating a positive environment for all.                                                                                              

  The class has a close knit family feeling, with everyone participating and contributing something important to the classroom dynamics.   Stop by for a visit!